Parish Planning Applications

Local planning applications are listed below and link directly through to the Melton planning portal

NEW - Added January 5th 2021


20/01469/GDOAGR– Agricultural portal frame building for storage of machinery,    

    materials hay 7& straw. – Hillcrest,   29 Main Street, Eaton NG32 1SE

20/01049/FULHH – Proposed side and rear two storey extensions with detached     

    timber framed car port – Hollyberry Cottage, 2 Stanleys Lane, Eastwell

Wednesday 18th November

20/00951/FUL  - Amended Plans re 24 Scalford Road Eastwell Melton Mowbray

20/01242/GDO - Hillcrest  29 Main Street Eaton NG32 1SE

20/01049/FULHH – Proposed side and rear two storey extension with detached timber frame car port – Hollyberry Cottage 2 Stanleys Lane, Eastwell,


20/01027/TCA – Pollard 1 plum tree – Clematis Cottage, 3 Main Street, Eaton NG32


20/01037/TCA – Tree work various on 5 trees – Oswestry, Main Street, Goadby Marwood

20/00517/FUL Green Lane, Goadby Marwood  - amended plans

New: 20/01209/TCA – Row of 28 Leylandi reduce height – The Lodge, Manor Lane, G M, Approved:


20/00786/FUL/LBC – Change of use from agricultural to residential to incl. listed barn and courtyard – Crossroads Farm, Eastwell,


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