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Rural Crime - Neighbourhood Watch Leicestershire

I am afraid that unfortunately, we have seen a sharp rise recently in crimes being committed in our rural areas, including rural thefts and burglary other than dwellings.

The offenders are targeting remote locations, looking to break into outbuildings, isolated business premises, as well as targeting diggers, tractors and other plant machinery.

We believe that the primary suspects are often using a small green Toyota Auris and they may be scouting farms and other rural businesses during daylight before returning after dark.

Investigations are still ongoing with our CID (Criminal Investigation Department), and officers are conducting extra patrols in rural locations all over Melton and Rutland, during the night and daytime.

Please consider reviewing your security and our online crime prevention advice online via the link below:


If you see anything out of the ordinary, anything suspicious or that doesn’t feel right, day or night, please report it to the Police by calling 101. No matter how small it might seem, it might be vital information that could help us with our investigations.

Please do not hesitate to phone 999 if suspects are on scene, or in any emergency.

If it is not an emergency, you can also provide information to us online via our website:


Thankfully, this type of crime spree is a rare in Melton and Rutland. Please help us to keep it that way through reporting crimes, reporting suspicious activity and reviewing your security – thank you.

Message Sent By Jake Spruce (Police, PCSO, Melton and Rutland NPA)

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