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Parish & Community Environment & Transport Update

For all the latest news from Environment and Transport on our Information for Parish Councils and Communities website, this week there are updates on:

Cycling & Walking Strategy (CaWS) development

Work is now in progress to develop a Cycling and Walking Strategy (CaWS) which aims to help more people to make more sustainable travel choices, including increasing the number of journeys by cycling and walking. This will bring benefits in terms of creating healthier communities, improving air quality and reducing congestion and carbon emissions.

To inform development of the CaWS, an online survey has been launched (www.leicestershire.gov.uk/cycling-and-walking-survey) asking for people’s views on how they currently travel, what deters them from cycling and walking, and what improvements could be made which would encourage them to make more journeys by cycling or walking in the future.

As many people as possible are encouraged to complete the online survey and Parish/Town Councils and communities are asked to promote this important engagement opportunity for people to help shape the strategy from an early stage. The survey runs for 6 weeks (Wednesday 27th January to Wednesday 10th March).

The CaWS is currently planned to be presented to the County Council’s Cabinet for consideration and approval in Summer 2021. Once in place, it will provide the framework to guide the development of projects and for seeking funding for projects, including via Government bidding opportunities and from developers.

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There has been a great deal of activity during January with teams working round the clock to deal with the impact of the current winter weather events (25 flooding call outs in w/c 14th January – more info on this attached). Links to useful and relevant information included below:

  • Be prepared for more wintry weather this week

  • Interactive Gritting Route map

  • Prepare your home for flooding Sign up for flood warnings Reporting a flood


· Bottesford RHWS is temporarily closed for approximately 12 weeks from 11th January (Melton RHWS is the nearest alternative).

  • Have your say on the Melton Mowbray Transport Strategy MMTS (closes 7th March 2021)

  • Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) due to be considered by the Cabinet at its meeting on 5th February 2021 – link to meeting/report http://politics.leics.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=135&MId=6440&Ver=4

A reminder that the planned roadworks lists are updated each Monday on the Information for Parish Councils and Communities website and show information on the works known for the following 10 days. Please remember that the list is only up to date at the time it is recorded each Monday. It will not contain information on emergency works and start and finish dates may alter; for the most accurate information please use https://one.network/ . If you choose to share this list, please make sure that you make this point clear.

In the first instance if you have any queries or concerns regarding a specific set of roadworks please first check on one. network to ascertain the most up to date position then contact the named organisation undertaking the works. If you continue to have issues or the roadworks are being undertaken by LCC please contact us via networkmanagement@leics.gov.uk . Lastly if you have any feedback on whether these emails are useful and whether you find them of benefit, or you would like to be removed from our mailing list please can you email us directly on ETDSpecialProjects@leics.gov.uk

For contacting Leicestershire County Council please remember to use CSCParishes@leics.gov.uk.


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