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Allotment Hedge Trimming

The allotment access to and from the park will be closed off due to hedge trimming, It will be closed off for safety reasons and there will also be a bonfire burning all day so please use the main road entrance and keep your windows closed.

Don’t hang out your washing on Friday the 25th September


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Parish Council Vacancy

The role of the Parish Council - Eaton Parish Council currently has 5 councillors. The duties and functions of a parish council are many and varied. The Council meets monthly, usually on a Monday even

Parish Council meeting January 11th

The next Parish Council will be on January 11th at 7.30 by Zoom. Details of how to join the meeting will be published later. Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84934479190?pwd=ZGFUZytESjRKTGJ


The next Parish Council will be on February 8th at 7.30 by Zoom. Details of how to join the meeting will be published later.

Public participation is 7.30 - 7.40

Click on arrow for Zoom meeting information


Agendas and minutes of past Parish Council meetings can be found here.

The next meeting's agenda can also be found here.

Glass Buildings

For the latest planning information visit Melton Borough Council website.

Specific planning application within the parish can be found on the planning page.


Contact details for the Parish Clerk and Councillors

Financial Information

Details can be found here