The next Parish Council meeting - to be held: Monday 13th December 2021 in Eaton Village Hall

Public participation is 7.30 - 7.40

We are happy for anyone from the local community to join us for the defibrillator demonstration.

It will take place on Wednesday 24th November at Eastwell Village Hall. This will start at 6:30pm to enable younger people to attend as they are often the ones called upon to respond to illness in older people. It will include a demonstration of the purpose and use of the heart defibrillator currently located in the old phone box in the centre of Eastwell village and in places in other villages.

There will not be a charge for this. The demonstration will be followed by the Eastwell History Group AGM which anyone is welcome to attend.


John Wood

Hon Secretary

Eastwell History Group

Hello everyone, Many of you may already be aware of the rather unsavoury problem that we have currently in Eastwell with rat infestation. Whilst we all appreciate that we live in a rural community and the sight of the odd rodent is to be occasionally expected, however what we are experiencing currently is significantly above normal expectations and has unfortunately escalated to a public health risk. The main source of the infestation is the former stables on the corner of Hall Lane and Main Street. Other than the stables, the area affected mainly is around the Village Hall and that is why the VH committee recently closed the play area adjacent to the VH for public health concerns. However I understand that properties of other village residents have also been affected. This matter was discussed again at Monday’s Parish Council meeting and our Borough Council representative Counsellor Alan Hewson provided us the an update of the current situation. Whilst I appreciate that not every resident on this mailing list is affected by this problem, but I felt it sufficiently important to appraise everyone of what is happening and the likely timeline for eradication of the problem. Unfortunately the previous tenants of the Stables are no longer living there but are technically still tenants and have legal rights as commercial tenants of Belvoir Estates and that is why Belvoir have currently absolved themselves of responsibility for dealing with the infestation. However when due process is correctly observed the issue will be dealt with by Melton Borough Council Environmental Health Department but the cost borne by Belvoir Estates. A meeting was held on site 7 days ago and another today with MBC Environmental Health and after site inspection when it was clearly seen there was a public health problem the following actions were taken: A community protection warning (CPW) was issued on 3 November with a 7 day allotted time. The required post revisit took place today. After that the Borough Council can legally enter the Stable premises and commence the process of baiting to eradicate the infestation problem. A community protection notice (CPN) is intended to deal with particular situations which negatively affect the community’s quality of life by targeting the person(s) responsible. Before a CPN can be issued, the initial mandatory CPW is given stating that a CPN will be issued unless the conduct ceases to have the detrimental effect. Failure to heed the warning after the allotted time and where that effect continues, shall then lead to being served a CPN where breach is a criminal offence. Rodent infestations have a basic requirement for the availability of three main characteristics in their environment (Food, water and harbourage). If these requirements are not met, the habitat becomes less attractive to rodents over time and less likely to sustain an infestation. Therefore removal of animal feeds on site and removal of other rubbish in addition to the laying down of rodenticide will be carried out with an accessible approach to the site as soon as CPW deadline is reached. I am lead to believe that fairly quickly after these measures are taken, we would see a fairly rapid subsiding of the rat population and a return to some normality. Please also expect that due to the significant number of rodents that will be exterminated, there will unfortunately be a rather unsavoury odour from animal corpses in the immediate vicinity of the stables that should only last for a short period. This extreme and unusual problem is nevertheless a reminder to all living in a rural community that we need to take care of our immediate surroundings and not to leave out foodstuffs that might attract a rodent population, because matters can get out of hand rapidly. If any of you have any questions or additional concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. Regards Parish Councillor John Nelson